Simon Edwards

Simon Edwards is a speaker and writer. He worked as a lawyer in Australia before moving to the UK to study at OCCA and later Oxford University. Simon has spoken on university campuses, including Oxford, Cambridge, Hong Kong, Oslo, and Queensland; in banks, businesses, and government institutions, as well as in debates and at churches and conferences.

Simon has been interviewed on a number of BBC Radio programs regarding the evidence for Christian faith, particularly from his perspective as a lawyer, as well as on Christian radio stations and podcasts, such as “Unbelievable?” on Premier Christian Radio and “Facing the Canon” with J John. He is also the author of The Sanity of Belief: Why Faith Makes Sense (2021).

He has undergraduate degrees in law and economics, and post-graduate qualifications in law, education, and theology. His research interests relate to the relationship between faith, evidence, reason, and the imagination in the context of the big questions of life, culture, business and society.

Simon lives in England with his wife, Natasha, who is the Chaplain for Christians in Government, and their three young children.


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