Our Team

Our team comes from very different sectors – scientific, philosophical, business and legal – but we share a desire to engage in questions of faith, to speak where Christ is not yet known, to train the next generation, and to live out the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our Speakers

Photo of Lara Buchanan
Lara Buchanan arrow-right-blue-large
Lara has a specific interest in studying the impact of Jesus’ life and teachings on the flourishing of individuals as well as communities. She holds qualifications in History, English Literature, Education, Apologetics and Theology.
Photo of Max Baker-Hytch
Max Baker-Hytch arrow-right-blue-large
Max’s research focuses on the philosophical arguments for theism, the rationality of belief in God, divine hiddenness, and the historical credibility of the New Testament. Max has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Oxford.
Photo of Sharon Dirckx
Sharon Dirckx arrow-right-blue-large
Sharon is particularly interested in questions of meaning, purpose and identity and how they relate to Christian belief. She holds a PhD in brain imaging from the University of Cambridge.
Photo of Simon Edwards
Simon Edwards arrow-right-blue-large
Simon's work focuses on the relationship between faith, evidence, imagination and reason. Previously a lawyer, Simon holds qualifications in Law, Economics, Education and Theology.
Photo of Tom Price
Tom Price arrow-right-blue-large
Tom is passionate about philosophy and theology. He has an MA in Christian Apologetics, and is currently working on his doctorate in Theology, Philosophy and Film.

Senior Fellows and Adjunct Speakers

Photo of Amy Orr-Ewing
Amy Orr-Ewing arrow-right-blue-large
Amy is an OCCA senior fellow and an international author, speaker and theologian who addresses the deep questions of our day with meaningful answers found in the Christian Faith.
Photo of Andy Moore
Andy Moore arrow-right-blue-large
Andy is an adjunct speaker with OCCA and Managing Director of Chorus Network. A qualified chartered accountant, Andy also holds a Masters in Philosophy and has been involved in business missions across the world.
Photo of Calum Miller
Calum Miller arrow-right-blue-large
Calum is an adjunct speaker with OCCA, a medical doctor, and a research associate in bioethics at the University of Oxford. He speaks widely on the existence of God, probability theory, and beginning of life ethics.
Photo of John Lennox
John Lennox arrow-right-blue-large
John is a senior fellow at OCCA and Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University (emeritus). He is an internationally renowned speaker on the interface of science, philosophy and religion.
Photo of Sam Allberry
Sam Allberry arrow-right-blue-large
Sam is a senior fellow at OCCA and a pastor, apologist, author and speaker. He writes extensively on issues relating to identity, sexuality, and faith.


Photo of Akeel Sachak
Akeel Sachak
Board Member
Photo of Francis Wright
Francis Wright
Board Member
Photo of James Gardner
James Gardner
Chairman of the Board
Photo of Jeremy Marshall
Jeremy Marshall
Board Member
Photo of Martin Kitcatt
Martin Kitcatt
Board Member
Photo of Michael O'Neil
Michael O'Neil
Board Member

Senior Leadership

Photo of Annelize Mynhardt
Annelize Mynhardt
Interim COO
Photo of Charlie Styles
Charlie Styles
Photo of Sharon Dirckx
Sharon Dirckx
Photo of Simon Edwards
Simon Edwards

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